Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

One of the most popular models Lamborghini put out was the Gallardo which already boasts some amazing performance numbers. The folks at Underground Racing have never been one to shy away from making something go faster…a lot faster. This is one of the twin turbo setups they can put together with a peak output of 1,250+ HP on race gas.

This car looks beautiful and it’s damn near stock looking except for the wheels so you’d never know from afar that this thing had two turbos under the hood. I just saw that this car is up for sale right now for $269,999 USD in Nevada at the Lamborghini of Las Vegas. You can see the listing here which has all the itty bitty details about this engine and what makes it tick.

Devil In Disguise

This Lamborghini has been built to push the limits of speed and look good doing it. This TT is powered by custom twin billet 67mm turbochargers and all the supporting mods including a rebuilt block to handle all the boost. The exhaust and air induction systems are custom built and I wish I could hear what it sounds like. The videos at the end of the post should give you a good idea thought.

If you’re interested in purchasing this vehicle give Tom Brazill a call at 702-682-6995 or email inquiries to him via tpb10@msn.com. I highly recommend driving this purchase home if you’re somewhere in North America..what a fun place to test out the turbos on your drive home.

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