The Luxagram Report October: Yacht Party

Instagram has a boat load of of amazing content from yacht companies sharing all the #megayacht action. We follow a handful of brands and people who are literally living the dream. I was overloaded with social content from just the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show that I had to make another post of all the these other accounts to follow.

Most Expensive Parking Strip In The World? via @Shooting_Star_One

Who To Follow

It’s a rough job I tell ya! Rifling through the latest #megayacht pictures really takes it out me, but le sigh, someone has to do it damnit. The one thing I love about social media is the ability to tap into another part of the world and experience something you’re not able to at that time. Ten years ago you wouldn’t be seeing constant video, photos and news in real time be released to brand fans. When I’m sitting in the cold and wet winters here in British Columbia I’m often planning a trip or two which involves being on a boat somewhere hot.

You’ll notice that these links go to, and if you’re wondering about that well, it’s basically a better interface. At least that’s what I think any-who. I you have a channel we missed on mentioning that’s showcasing the yacht lifestyle please let us know in the comments. These next three are just shots from every day life somewhere on this planet.

Just another day in Monte Carlo via @theyachtguy

All Aboard via @Awlgrip & Dubai By The Sea via @vucic321

@theyachtguy is a must

I’m going to have to get this guy interviewed on our blog some day as his Instagram account provides me with daily entertainment. You’ll see some of the best shots of the world’s finest yachts and he truly deserves the online name of @theyachtguy.


@ScandinavianYachtAcademy Has A Great Feed


@EdmistonYachts Is Fresh On The Scene

I noticed that Edmsiston Yachts has recently joined up on Twitter and has started off their feed. We hope their team keeps it up as we’d love to see what goes on from day to day over there. You can follow them right here.

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