The Jade Hotel In Greenwich Village

NYC is about to get another amazing boutique hotel on its streets and I and others couldn’t be more thrilled. The Jade NYC is set to open in the fall and I hope it’s by November as you’ll find me wandering your streets, eating food and attending Ad Tech NY in between shopping and meals. The Jade is situated in the always happening Greenwich Village and the luxury boutique rooms will be going from $400 USD/Night from what I hear.

For the longest time there has been a lot of confusion as to what the hotel was actually going to be called. You may or may not have read about this place originally being called the GEM Hotel. Curbed recently reported on this adding to the confusion but I’ll go with what their Website and Facebook Page say for now.

I was very limited in actually finding pictures of the place although the marketing team behind the hotel has some up on Facebook and you can see them in the gallery below. So for $400 a night, what is to be expected of The Jade? Well for one, the decor will be 1920’s French, an era no stranger to opulence. As there is little information for me to go on, there was an article from Elite Traveler that give us some hints;

Shades of crimson, blue and gold fill each guestroom with bedframes and desks made of Makassar ebony. The Jade incorporates hints of the past with a functioning vintage rotary telephone on every bedside table. The bathrooms have black-and-white “subway” tiles and European-style dual-flush toilets.

Well whatever is going on, I’ll be trying my best to get a room here for Ad Tech NY and take our own pictures and videos for you all. For now, anyone from the hotel that would like to send us some media will definitely earn another post here from us and some social media loving, so hopefully that’s some incentive to give us an exclusive! For now, here are the only pictures I could find from the Jade’s Facebook Page.

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