The 2015 Soraya 70 Mega Yacht

What’s large, floats on water and costs $71,000,000 USD? The 2015 Soraya 70 Mega Yacht is what! While this 2015 Soraya is not the most expensive Yacht in the world, it is my personal favorite for what’s coming in the near future, hands down. This next level yacht company has made a name for itself over the years for providing the finest in ocean based luxury and this future gem is going to be a sight to see.

Of course for $71 million you’ll need a helicopter pad and that’s exactly what you see there at the front of the vessel. This yacht was designed in partner with Uniell Yacht Design, as did the Soraya 46 and again this boat will showcase the latest and greatest in design technology. As with a mega yacht, you know that every amenity, luxury and utility you could imagine will be laced throughout this incredible boat. While these are obviously not “real life” pictures they do visual justice to what the reality of the Soraya 70 will become. I’d already offer up my big toe just to get a day cruise on this vessel once she rests gracefully on the ocean surface.

As you can see the Soraya 70 comes with a swimming pool, a helipad, overly spacious entertainment and social rooms that you could throw a festival in. This mega yacht has two decks that overlook the sea where your guests can relax as they sunbathe, cook or do whatever really! The owners deck has a large terrace which leads to the bow area, which houses a ten metre diameter helipad for your ride in and out. The Soraya 70 also has an amazing 6 metre swimming pool which overlooks the sea.

Let us know what you think of this sexy beast in the comments and we’ll do our best to capture some real video when she’s completed. We hope the future owner of this cruiser enjoys it to the fullest and shares that experiences with many friends and family over the years.

Ryan Clark

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    Looks nice how much?

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      Literally the end of the first sentence of the post, Mick! Cmon!

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