Snolo Stealth-X is the Ferrari of Snow Sleds: Made with Carbon Fiber and a $3,000 Price Tag

Snolo High Performance Alpine Sleds is a new company based out of New Zealand. Their first creation, the Stealth-X Snow Sled, was a labor of love by founder and director Sean Boyd, who spent 6 years to bring it to life. Inspired by Formula One racing, this is the Ferrari compared to any domestic, plastic kids snow sled. And while fun for kids, its high-end build quality and design makes it the ultimate grown-up toy.

Snolo Stealth-X Snow Sled
Snolo Stealth-X Snow Sled

It’s crafted mainly out of carbon fiber, it’s comprised of a mono shell with front arm and ski. The mono shell is contour-molded and padded to comfortably and snugly fit your lower body, with a flip-up padded back rest. The laid back setting position gives you racecar stability while leaning and steering like a motorcycle with the arm and ski. Early test runs saw it hit over 65 kmph/40 mph on an average slope. It’s unique design also allows you to use your feet and body to slide and break like a snowboard.

Snolo Stealth-X Snow Sled

Snolo Stealth-X sled worn as a backpack.

The arm and ski has adjustable foot pegs to match the rider’s height. The front arm and ski can also be folded in and the seat belt used as a harness, letting you wear it like a backpack and take it on mountain treks with you. In October, the Stealth-X took home a silver medal in the Concept/Experimental category for the Best Awards, a New Zealand’s Oscars for industrial design.

Snolo Stealth-X Snow Sled

Snolo is taking pre-orders for the Stealth-X with a $3,000 USD price tag and first deliveries are expected in early January. For more info and ordering details, please visit

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