#RCOI aka Rich Cats Of Instagram Is Taking Off

Photo Credit: @Mandy_Deanne via Instagram
I don’t make this stuff up folks. Cats have long been the most beloved and caption item on the internet I think it’s safe to say, and it just got crazier. I read about it on the Huffington Post a while ago and decided to see how it was doing as of late. Keep in mind this is not to be taken too seriously..that and as a cat owner I couldn’t refuse.

The hashtag used for the rich cat party is #rcoi and you can view all 689 photos via Statigram. They don’t have an official Instagram account going quite yet other than this blank one that’s currently not being used. If you’d like to submit your picture via the web and get it featured on the Tumblr then do so here.

My #RCOI Favorites

Photo Credit: @Butterybesties via Instagram and #rcoi

Photo Credit: @Sludgemonster via Instagram and #rcoi

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