Record Luxury Miami Real Estate Sales in 2011

Despite the 2011 US economy woes, Miami continued to rock out with luxury real estate sales numbers that shattered the 2010 year by 23.8%! What’s that in total numbers you ask? well, 2011’s twenty most expensive Miami real estate sales fetched a total of $244,539,495!! THats a huge leap from 2010’s top twenty most-expensive real estate sales which totaled $197,528,000. The tropical American paradise provides people with some of the world’s most unbeatable living opportunities and it’s no surprise to me to see those numbers jump.

According to Zilbert;

The data represents sales transactions closed by Zilbert and other local brokers, and includes both condos and homes from around Miami-Dade County. The most-notable sales were in Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables and other areas.

This report hit my inbox late last night and thought I should squeeze this in before we’re all partying away into 2012. I’m pretty sure these sales numbers will keep rising this year as it looks like some stability is flowing back into the US economy. I’ll be making a trip to Miami later this year to get in some much beloved tennis and hit the white sandy beaches…just can’t wait!

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