Radical RXC x World’s Most Extreme Road Legal Coupe

Photo Credit x Radical Sportscars

I first saw a Radical car on Top Gear and since then have followed the companies foray deeper into world of motorsports. Track days have been growing in numbers throughout The UK and Europe which means enthusiasts have a place to play. This also means that business is good and drivers have options for track day toys. Those looking for the thrill of speed backed by ninja like handling have a new option from Radical Sports Cars.

Since seeing Radical’s SR3 SL and watching countless hours of racing video I have a serious lust for taking a drive in one of these some day. These machines are built purely for driving and the new RXC doesn’t look to disappoint.

Radical Xtreme Coupe

This supercar will not only terrorize the roads, it will turn heads everywhere it goes. With that being said, it will also be a delight to take this out on the weekend and drive to the track, drive like a maniac and then drive back home. Let’s take a look at what makes this speed machine a cut above the rest.

The RXC is powered by a beefy 380bhp 3.7-litre Ford V6 which provides more than enough power at its weight to be considered a rocket. This drives the rear wheels through a seven-speed paddle shift gearbox designed specifically for the supercar. Since the RXC only weighs 900kg it can propel from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds thanks to its power-to-weight ratio of 422bhp per tonne!

Radical decided to go with a bespoke Intrax Racing Suspension inboard push rod suspension system with double wishbones all round to reduce unsprung mass and further improve the cars handling and ride. The paddle-shift system allows for 50ms seamless upshifts and automatically blips the throttle for clutchless downshifts…so there’s no need to heel-and-toe in this car.

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