Medieval Italian Castle Goes Up For Sale

medieval italaian castle

It’s not every day a castle comes on the market, especially one with such a rich history and within a fairy tale location. This massive compound is located in the beautiful city of Piedmonte and is priced at a cool $45,425,049 USD with the good people over at Sotheby’s. This castle is actually one of Italy’s most beautiful monuments and it is considered one of the most scenic and extraordinary castles in the entire world. I think that will become quite clear after you see all the pictures of the grounds and inside this historic “home”.

First up we will take a quick peek at the grounds because you’re going to need an entire team to keep this in ship shape, but that should be expected since the grounds cover 39,826 Sq Ft. The detail within the courtyard should easily bring you back to a different time and place.

medieval italian castle grounds

This castle has been owned and ruled by a plethora of important families. The list includes the houses of King Arduino, of the Bishop of Ivrea, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and the Savoia. The castle has been skillfully restored near the end of the 1800’s by the famous architect Alfredo D’Andrade. In 1992 the restoration continued and the castle regained its historic prestige and now offers the most luxurious comforts coupled with the latest technology.

This place can accomodate up to 300 guests…yea you read that right! The castle also has 47 bathrooms which might be a record for amount of toilets in one house.

italian medieval castle inside

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