Luxury Watches and the Professionals Who Wear Them

Watchmakers obviously have certain markets in mind when they design high-end timepieces. Some watches lend themselves to specific professions, both by their function and their style. Luxury timepieces were traditionally constructed as tools for certain high stress jobs, hence their water and radiation tolerances as well as the dials, movements and straps.

Certain brands are known for their history creating watches for certain professions. Breitling for pilots, Hublot for sailing, Bell & Ross for military, etc. These are some suggestions that you need to take into account if your watch is going to be undergoing some stresses. In the end, purchase the watch as you would art; make sure that it can get the job done, but screw what other people think and get what you like!


Breitling NavitimerA good choice for professional pilots is the Breitling Navitimer. The Navitimer line was selected as the official watch of AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, for its features and its historic significance. This watch has been continuously made by Breitling for nearly 60 years, making it the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph. Designed in 1952 for the aviation profession, it can calculate average speed, distance traveled, fuel usage, rate of ascent or descent and conversion of miles into kilometers or nautical miles. It has a sleek, handsome look with crenelated bezel, dual-dial chronograph and small second hand.


Seamaster Planet Ocean BondFor the diving and maritime professions, one of the leaders is still the company that started it all. Omega Watches built the first watch for divers in 1932, and they still make some of the most durable, accurate and serviceable timepieces for underwater use. Their Seamaster Planet Ocean is the latest of their diving watches. Understanding that divers don’t have time to read a lot of fancy functions, Omega presents us with a clear, uncluttered dial on a timepiece of rock-solid durability. Its scratch-resistant crystal is nearly as hard as diamond and its Si 14 silicon balance spring gives it greater resistance to shock and magnetic fluctuations than any other watch on the market. No matter what happens to it down there, this watch will keep working.


Citizen Perpertual Chrono A-TWhether they are in the field or the lab, a scientist needs to know that the watch on his wrist is telling him the correct time with absolute precision. If a scientist crosses over into another time zone, he wants his watch to keep up with the change by itself without human direction. It needs to have perpetual power so it never gets a dead battery, and it needs greater water resistance than most other watches. If this sounds like asking too much, you need to see the Perpetual Chrono A-T from Citizen Watches. It’s radio-controlled in five time zones, so it’s always accurate and changes zones by itself. It has the revolutionary Eco-Drive perfected by Citizen, a solar-powered system that runs on available light without a battery, and it’s water-resistant to 660 feet.


cartier tank soloBusiness people need accurate timepieces, but they also want to make a statement. The perfect watch for the business professions is one with quality construction, elegant styling and a prestigious name. The perfect choice is the Tank Solo watch from Cartier. Designed with a timeless style and reserve, this luxury timepiece has a rectangular dial, large Roman numerals and a strap of alligator leather. It exudes an air of competence and class, an impression accentuated by the Cartier name prominently displayed on the face. For those who want a watch that says’ “success,’ this is the right choice.

Sure, there are a tonne of watches out there for whatever field you’re in, and divers don’t necessarily need to be worn under water exclusively, but find a style that fits your lifestyle and make sure that the tool is up for the job. A watch goes a long way to describe the person who wears it, the decisions they make and what they do for a living so make sure you find yours.

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