Five Fresh Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips

Over the years the luxury real estate industry has embraced the latest technology, whether it be with social media or apps on the latest mobile phones. Marketing within this sector has also been rapidly changing, with brokers and firms using social media and search to dominate their markets.

luxury real estate marketing tips
Photo Credit: Sotheby’s Canada

Technology has allowed us to take in insane amounts of data and use it to formulate marketing strategies that can be uniquely pinpointed at specific markets. Luxury real estate also tends to appeal to a global market, and there are a lot of opportunities for exposure if you look in the right places.

Our marketing strategies have also drastically changed over the years for our clients. 10 years ago, the major focus was put on organic search traffic and building a great list. Social media and mobile has since exploded in use, and we’ve subsequently noticed our clients’ need for cool apps and content marketing that actually got shared grew too. I cannot stress it enough. Ignoring those last two avenues will put you at quite the loss, especially if the competition is doing it. The benefits are abundant, but it provides the ability to not have to rely so much on free organic search traffic.

// Your Product Is The Asset

Luxury real estate is something just about everybody is interested in and that makes it easier to spread the word to the masses. There are also gobs of targeted viewers just waiting to see your property. Make sure your content is stunning and well represents the property you’re trying to market.

To understand what I mean by this better, just go and Google luxury real estate in any of the leading cities of the world. You will quickly see that the big players are all putting great content front and center.

One > Go Beyond Pinterest

Pinterest is a great spot to showcase your luxury properties and the potential for traffic is endless. The site also allows you to capture targeted followers into your other social networks. While most clients we work with already had a Pinterest account going, they were not aware of other sites like it with great potential.

The Fancy

thefancy marketing

This is definitely a social network your luxury property doesn’t want to miss out on. This site is a more minimally styled site that is geared towards high-end items. It’s great for building brand exposure and items featured on the site get a lot of Twitter and Facebook share action.


houzz for luxury real estate

A design centric social startup that has exploded in popularity over the past year and a half. It has a very active community that loves the content that goes up. You can definitely build your brand up by showcasing the right things on Houzz. I’m always reminding our real estate clients to have tons of high quality pictures that can be used for sites like this.

We Heart It

weheartit marketing

I’ve seen a few agents trickle onto this site in recent months, and it definitely has potential. We Heart It has an active community that takes great care and keeps junk out. Save your best photos for this site and share only when you think you have the best possible content going up.

The main thing to keep in mind when promoting photography on these kinds of sites is bringing only the best content to the table. Getting a lot of exposure is 100% reliant on something amazing earning a front-page spot for a time, and hopefully getting your property in front of the right eyes in the process.

Two > Advertising On Niche Blogs

Another great way to build traffic, links and social followers is from the luxury blogs out there. We have been sending our clients to a number of amazing blogs that have built a large target audience of luxury real estate buyers. There are plenty of target blogs out there, but finding the best ones is going to be worth your effort.

There are an abundance of luxury blogs and specific sites dedicated to just high end real estate. I won’t spill all of our secrets, but I can share some of the sites we’ve had amazing experiences with. Our clients saw a lot of social share action from the exposure these sites have.

The sites we recommend checking out and getting in touch with are:

Pricey Pads

pricey pads

This site is owned by a great person who loves the real estate industry both in Vancouver as well as abroad. Pricey Pads features the latest in luxury homes on the market as well as a look at the industry from the business end. It’s a great place to feature your property and get it seen by a large set of eyes. You can contact them here and get a media kit.

Homes Of The Rich

homes of the rich

This is the largest luxury real estate blog on the web as it stands, and is a great place to have your one-of-a-kind property listed. The owner Kenny loves what he does and always provides great content that gets seen by thousands of his loyal readers. You can get advertising options from Kenny here. Lounge lounge

This is hands-down one of the best ways to build your personal brand within the luxury real estate industry. LRE has a program for agents to apply to where they can then showcase their properties and knowledge. This is something I would prepare my “A Game” for when applying to this program. Just follow the link above the image and see if you meet the requirements and have what it takes to be a luxury real estate leader.


Nandini runs what is most likely one of the most popular luxury blogs on the web. Born Rich has a global follower base and is a great place to market a special property. A lot of other luxury blogs “Reblog” what he writes about and you will usually end up with a lot of new links and social shares trickling in. You can contact him here to get his media kit.

Don’t stop there!

These few sites can account for a lot of coverage and exposure, but it definitely doesn’t stop there. You can find luxury blogs all over the place, just deciding who has the right following makes it worth spending the time and money. We also are currently accepting free guest blogging spots on our site for luxury real estate agents. I will also write about your property, all you have to do is email us… It really is just that easy.

Three > Mobile + Tablet Marketing

Check The App: SIR For iPad

Sotheby’s is a company I find myself always looking at to get marketing ideas from… Not to mention the latest properties to blog about. They are a brand that is up on the times and when it comes to having the digital luxury real estate market on tap, they have the biggest well. This iPad app is a great way to provide your new and old clients with extreme value, and it will go a long way to making leads. If no one else in your local area is doing this right now, jump on it ASAP. I cannot stress that enough because it will lead to your dominance over the market.

What we do for our clients:

When it comes to creating a mobile strategy for the luxury real estate industry, you have to think not only about content, but user experience as well. A lot of luxury real estate firms don’t have a responsive website yet, so that may annoy the mobile viewers. The percentage of traffic coming in now and over the next few years on mobile devices is going to skyrocket, and it’s almost too late to be ignoring it now.

Magazines >

Since these tablets are ready for all types of media, so should you. We tend to recommend to our clients that we build and create a magazine of sorts ready for mobile. Clients can then have us or themselves update it once a month, quarterly or however often they feel. If you’re in a high volume market, then once a month can really keep the brand buzz going and quality traffic coming in. Having a tablet magazine also opens you up to a world of links and social media marketing tactics that get results.

Google+ Hangouts >

We recently helped a Manhattan agent make use of his iPad by doing Google+ Hangouts with interested buyers from around the world. We pitched the idea, he loved it and ran a few tests. This is a cool way to use emerging technology, although get ready for augmented reality and real estate showings in the not-too-distant future.

Four > Creating Linkable Assets

Ask yourself: does my brand do anything worth earning real links naturally from people around the world? Your brand should offer the best information, the best videos, the best data and other features that make you stand out from the pack. There are a lot of ways to do this so without giving away all our tricks, I will share a few ideas to get you started.

Data, Stats & Reports >

Make use of interesting data that can be used for content marketing in a variety of ways.

– Stats for marketing analysis and reports
– Data for infographics you can then market
– Showcase data from polls conducted over time
– Create PDF’s for sites like and
– Create amazing presentations for
– Get great data for company videos gets reports of all kinds from luxury real estate agents all over the world and it’s really useful stuff. This is what an industry leading brand should be doing and your readers will thank you for it, and blogs and news sites will link to you as a source.

luxury real estate market reports

Dedicated Micro Sites >

When you have a really special property, it might be worth exploring the idea of a separate micro site dedicated to it. Development companies do this for condo sales more than any other type of property, but others are adapting. One shining example of this is the website for the “billionaire building” One57.

one57 billionaire building

This is a really really well done user experience that’s jam-packed with amazing high definition content. Explore this website and get a good look at what the best in the business are doing to attract a global crowd.

Five > High Quality On-Site Content

One of the biggest setbacks I see with a client’s website is that it’s basically just an IDX with a blog attached to it. This means a lot of your key pages are too robotic for my liking. The second tier keywords you’re going to be targeting should have a page that is better than anyone else. These pages should be current and closely tied in with other important pages within your website. The kinds of pages I’m talking about are:

– Dedicated page for penthouses with photo galleries, video embeds, news, polls and relevant text content.
– Pages for two bedroom luxury condos, mansions, estates, and wineries all jam-packed with media

I often find that a high quality page with the best information will rank extremely well without any links except perhaps a few internal ones from the host website itself. I love showing examples and I knew exactly who would be doing what I’m talking about, the good people over @Elliman. Check out how they’ve done their page dedicated to New York City.

great luxury real estate content

Customize your IDX/Listings >

Most of you are going to be tapping into an IDX system of sorts to get all the listings into your site. 99.9% of other agents and firms out there do nothing to this data besides import it. If you have a programmer on board – or at least the funds to hire one – then think about making your listings more unique than everyone else.

Go take a look at a current listing and see what data you get. Now sit down and try and think of what else you’d like to know but which is not there. There are many ways to get user generated content as well other data from your website into the properties listing.

– Add links to related blogs posts
– Add neighbourhood data into the listing (Yelp API, Foursquare API, etc)
– Embed videos into the listings
– Show related tweets

The more useful the better, it just depends on your area and your client’s needs. It’s good to think about, especially if another 20 agents in your city have the exact same listings page. Luxury properties are exciting, so please think about how you display these properties to clients.

Share Your Experience!

I’d love to hear what others are doing that keeps them slightly more free of the Google drug, especially if you’re utilizing any of the above strategies.

Ryan Clark

Ryan is the founder of Luxury Branded and is a branding and marketing strategist for our clients. If you'd like to schedule an hour long free consultation on how and what we can do for your brand then please get in touch.   Follow him on Twitter: @LuxuryBranded Google+: +Ryan Clark as well read his personal blog Luxury BC.

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