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I am an avid poker player and have been in the market for a home table and came across all sorts of cool finds for the holidays. There seems to be no shortage of rare items and bespoke creations that should delight anyone with a chip on their shoulder. I’ll start with the tables first as that’s what I’m in the market for. If anyone has a recommendation other than what I liked please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to add it to this post.

Since I’m out for a table I’ve been researching a few companies and individuals who make some very excellent poker tables for fans of all types. They come in all sizes and colors, and it seems LED lights are the in thing as of late although I don’t really mind. I don’t think I’d sport all the colors of the rainbow as my boys and I hit the felt, but to each his own.

Bespoke Poker Tables

Tables By Owen

I first discovered Owen’s tables via Youtube and his work is currently sitting at the top of my list. While there are many companies who churn out tables, there is something to be said about handcrafted work done by someone who pours in the love. This speaks to me more because I do what I do for the love, and I let the rest fall in place.

Owen’s tables started as a weekend hobby and his work has attracted attention of customers all over North America, including mine. His tables are designed from the ground up with much input from his clients which means you can really make this your own. The entire process, according to him, takes 3-5 weeks. I highly recommend checking out his work via his website and tell him Ryan from Luxury Branded sent ya!

Check His Work Here:
Cell: (770) 296-1220
Home: (209) 229-8569
Stine Game Tables

For those looking for the big name in the game when it comes to making tables for high end clients and celebrities, then look no further. Stine can do you up with a table of any size, with any specification and dabble in your style to make a table worthy of adorning your games room. They also have a lineup of ready made tables that are quite simply put, “brilliant”.

As for price, well I cannot say but all you need to do is get a quote from them. They also provide a unique “build your own” web app on their website that should help in your quest for the perfect table.

Visit Them On The Web:

Unique Poker Chips

I don’t what it is among my friends, but there seems to be an arms race in regards to who has the coolest/unique/craziest poker chips. While I am just going to buy a nice solid set of clay poker chips for my home game, I did manage to find some really unique buys currently on the market. I imagine there are many other finds out there so if you have something to add or show us, don’t hesitate to comment or contact. I love blogging about unique high end products and I’ll do it for free, so why not take me up on that offer? I’d also like to point out to our poker loving readers about the $150,000 USD set Jessica blogged about a while ago which had some meteorite in them.

Antique Ivory Chips Anyone?

I found these on Etsy which is a good place to find unique items for sale these days…even over Ebay most of the time. These poker chips are made from ivory and predate the 1900 time frame and each side has a hand painted floral scrimshaw. The set of 50 chips is currently up for sale at $3,500 USD and I don’t imagine these will stay on the market long.

Lancelot Lancaster White

Those in the know are very well aware of the name, but few have actually used or seen this product up close…including myself. I’ve read about these poker box/chip sets many times and could not have finished this post without including them in the list. The Mysterio set you see below you in the picture is a thing of beauty and comes packed with two decks, 500 poker chips, one dealer chip and one Evaluator. This fine piece of work is crafted in London and as for the price, well I don’t know but for something like this you shouldn’t be really asking. You can see this box and the other set they make right here.


What Did I Forget?

Ok folks, could you convince me to go with a table other that what Christopher Owen makes? Got an elite poker chipset I should see? Let me know your thoughts and I want to see links to other amazing and unique poker gear that I couldn’t find or overlooked. I’ll be moving in a few months and hope to start seriously thinking about my poker room and get it sorted properly.

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