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Luxury brands should be jumping on board the likes of and for fear of being left behind. There is a marketing and branding goldmine to be had here, and you don’t have to be spammy to enjoy the benefits. While the main talking points behind these social content bookmarking sites has been around legal issues lately, take advantage of your own material and reap the benefits. I’ll go over a few examples and hopefully convince your marketing department to get with the times and start getting your unique content infront of the eyes of millions.

Both Pinterest and The Fancy cater to the high end crowd, but not only that they’ve managed to attract the online female demographic unlike anyone before. This is to me a opportunity that none of us should miss out on, and we’ve been having amazing succes for our clients. The amount of traffic that we’ve seen hit our clients sites has sometimes knocked their servers offline as soon as they’ve hit the front page. Getting our clients that amount of exposure lead to other great things such as Facebook followers, Twitter follows and links from people reblogging.


Content Is King


There are no secret tricks or exploitation needed although the marketer’s are coming from every industry to get in on the action. The trick to social networks like these is to have amazing photography, so if you don’t have some then I suggest you get on that! The best starting point is to see what your luxury brand offers that’s unique and simply amazing and then go from there. For our clients, the best results have come from fashion, hotels and jewelry clients because they all have something amazing to showcase.

If wondering where to start then we suggest you do what we do. Go search for other related content on these sites to see what was successful. If you take 30 minutes to analyze and report on what worked well and why you’ll see a clear pattern for your content marketing strategies.

If you’ve never hired a photographer, or at least haven’t in the past 12 months then now’s a better time than ever. Pair them up with a) someone from your company who is already a user of these sites or b) get someone with a keen eye on style to help determine the best objects for the campaign. Make use of the photographer’s time and get as many amazing shots as possible. The thing with these sites is that a magnificant shot of a hallway or view from a penthouse suite can easily score you a lot of attention.

If you’d like our team to help you out, we do on-site content creation and marketing services for just about every type of luxury brand out there. We’ll come for anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks and set you up with enough content to last you half a year. If you’re interested in hearing more about this then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Luxury Branded team via our contact form.


Making The Right Friends


Just like any most social networks today, friends and followers are what makes it all worth while for a brand. Your friends on Pinterest & The Fancy will make or break any marketing campaign so make sure you get off to a good start in this department. Your fans can easily send your content rocketing to the front page which in return will give you more fans and make it easier for future content to go hot!

Here’s a perfect example of the the Velassaru’s sand castle dining experience getting over 3000 Fancy’s in just a couple of days. They’ve not scored an amazing backlink, had tens of thousands of potential customers see their brand and can you guess my favorite part of it all? They didn’t do a bloody thing for this exposure! If they had the right team in place they’d know to take this picture on over to Pinterest and more than likely have an easy time getting some massive traffic.

So how do you go about building your follower base from the very beginning? It’s quite simple and after a couple of weeks you’ll easily have a great group of new online friends who’d be more than happy to promote your amazing work. Start by asking your current Twitter/Facebook followers to now follow you on either site. The next easy step is to use both sites search functions and find related content to your vertical. I’d favorite the content you love and then follow the user who submitted it. Let them know you like their finds by repinning or fancying their posts and you should have tons of new followers in a very short time span. It’s a little time consuming at first, and your bosses may think you’re just browsing the internet all day, but keep at it and they’ll be on board once they see the branding possibilities.


Watch For Similar Sites


While Pinterest and The Fancy are not the only two kids on the block, they are the most trafficked. Pinterest still holds a major lead over The Fancy, so know where to spread your priorities and focus on the site that brings in the best ROI. Our company has started building accounts on a few up and coming sites that let you tag and pin all sorts of amazing content and we’ve put together a list of a few we think you should make your brand’s presence known on.

Similar Sites:

1) – A social site for all things that are manly

2) – a site for style and fashion and it’s also heavily dominated by females

3) – is up and coming and you can save any type of content here!

4) – another up and coming visual bookmarking site that is gaining a lot of ground

5) – is my third favorite social bookmarking site and it’s a great way to show you work

6) – is the newest site we’ve been playing with and I really like what I’m seeing. I highly recommend you keep your eye on this site!

Ryan Clark

Ryan is the founder of Luxury Branded and is a branding and marketing strategist for our clients. If you'd like to schedule an hour long free consultation on how and what we can do for your brand then please get in touch.   Follow him on Twitter: @LuxuryBranded Google+: +Ryan Clark as well read his personal blog Luxury BC.

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