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Marketing luxury homes is an art, much like living in one.  You must do it right and you must do it with intent in order to pull it off.  As a luxury homes agent in Rancho Santa Fe, I make sure to put special care and attention into the photography.

We have all heard the term “a picture is worth a thousand words” but that may not be true anywhere else as much as it is in real estate.  After all, when people head to a real estate site to search for homes what they are really doing is looking for pictures that they find attractive.  They are not really doing much else.  Sure they care about the schools, the golf, and the reviews, but without pretty pictures of homes they want to live in the rest of it doesn’t mean much.

For full effect, a first rate luxury homes should have both day and night shots.  Here is a day shot of a Fairbanks Ranch property in Rancho Santa Fe that highlights the type of quality photography that you should expect when either marketing a home like this as an agent or selling one as a home owner.

fairbanks ranch custom home


Followed by an awesome night shot of an eleven thousand square foot home in Santaluz.  This amazing home deserved amazing photography.

GB homes in Santaluz

Please be advised that if you are going to order high end photography of this caliber you still need to attend the photography session.  Don’t just send somebody out to do it on their own because they will inevitably miss something that you want to highlight.  You are still the best asset that the home has because you care about it the most.  That of course, is like anything else  in life.

Dan Beer
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