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This picture pretty much sums up how cats see themselves, and being a cat owner myself, I tend to treat them like royalty. I thought I’d see what the luxury market offered cat owners, an area that’s usually more abundant with options for dogs. While my apartment isn’t riddled with cat jungle gyms, dangling birds or cat nip bits. It is fitted with a few options for my furry little friend throughout the place. I’d love to hear about what you folks recommend for cat owners, so feel free to drop a link in your comment.

Sheepskin Cat Bed


Yet another amazing Etsy find not only because it’s cool, but because it’s unique. Each cat bed is laden with merino sheepskin set upon a vintage wine crate. Each crate is picked up by the creator of these beds which is a nice touch, and is why you’ll never find something like this in the stores. I’ve had my cat completely take over my merino sheepskin rug(from, so this was the perfect Christmas present. You can pick up your unique sheepskin cat bed from Etsy for only $300 CAD.

Longcroft Luxury Cat hotel


If you for some reason feel like taking and or sending your cat on a nice and relaxing vacation, there is always the Longcroft located in the UK. I’m not sure I’d ever send my cat to a feline hotel as it seems he already lives a life of opulence and gluttony. If you happen to live in and around Hertfordshire you can book a getaway for extremely reasonable rates. You can pamper your cat with all sorts of delicious menu items, grooming services, photo shoots and of course suites for snoozing off the delectable food. To get a good view of what goes on here at the Longcroft you can view this video on Youtube.

John Paul Pet Products


Of course there had to be high end cat shampoo on the and it’s by none other than John Paul. I’m safe to say that most folks reading this blog will have used one of his products at least once in your life time. I’ve never tried using a cat shampoo before nor do I really like to try and get my 18 pound friend in the water. The John Paul Pet Products are more geared towards dogs, but there is a shampoo, condition and wipe for your cat.

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