Luxury Cat Beds Beyond Purrrfect

I’m a crazy cat lady, I can admit that. Ok, I’m not that crazy but I however get a huge kick out of the strange pet products on the market and these cat beds recently caught my eye. The luxury cat market is a strange one. What do I mean by that? Well, there are a lot of products labeled with the luxury keyword, but the products are far from true luxury. I thought I’d set out and see what I could find in the way of luxury cat beds and I don’t think I’ll disappoint!

My Favorite Pick

Art piece or cat bed, I cannot tell! This is most likely the nicest thing you’re going to find right now and it’s custom made by Etsy dealer Jeanette McCarthy. She can also make custom beds for dogs (and cats) of any size! This bed is selling for $1,200 USD and is ready to pamper your furry friend right now!

Sweet Hug II Bed

This is a cat bed mad for royalty! The bed was designed and crafted by hand with an exclusive design and a beautiful hand finished curve style. This cat bed is made with cedar and petiribi marquetry as well top quality carpet and silk cord. You can snap this feline bed up for $1,675 USD on Etsy.

Chiziana Pet Bed in Rich Walnut

If your cat could drink brandy, it would do it while lounging in this amazing pet bed. This bed is also the cheapest of the bunch coming in at just bout $550 USD and you can pick it up on Amazon.

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