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LS7 Powered Porsche

A lot of Porsche fans are commenting with a lot of hate on this video but I applaud the effort and love to see something a little different. I’m a HUGE Porsche fan, however I’m often not a big fan of the exhaust note they put off so here’s something with a little more “unf”. Before I get some flaming in our comments just keep in mind I’m just happy to see something a little different and with 700HP, this is surely going to be a really fun drive. I do however wonder how it handles although with this engine in it does weigh only about 2300 pounds…that’s quite light!

The motor is built around a ls7 block with forged callies crank and rods, mahle pistons, mast heads, cam, etc. It also has the mast motorsports ECU and the enging is considerably lighter than the 930 turbo engine that it has replaced. The Porsche now weighs in at almost 2300 pounds and the engine dynoed at 705 crank horsepower. It was fitted with bigger brakes, adjustable sway bars to help handle the increased horsepower.

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