Louis Vuitton Opens a “Winter Resort” Boutique in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Louis Vuitton has opened a new “Winter Resort” on the Promenade in Gstaad, Switzerland. This beautiful chalet-boutique follows their first store in world-renowned ski resort town, which opened in 2004. The new LV boutique opening also comes at the end of town’s 700th anniversary.

Louis Vuitton's new Winter Resort boutique store in Gstaad, Switzerland.

It uses new architectural concept for LV, combining Louis Vuitton branding and style with the natural and traditional design of Gstaad, with a renovated chalet built in 1913. Besides serving as a store, it also offers areas to lounge and enjoy an open fire, making it a bit of an apres-ski and shopping location. A highlight is a Christmas Trunk composition that celebrates the craftsmanship and magic of Louis Vuitton’s special orders.

Firepace inside the Louis Vuitton Winter Resort in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Louis Vuitton Winter Resort at night in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Louis Vuitton also teamed up with local Swiss blogger Kayture for a stylish video to promote the Winter Resort opening. It features Kayture’s trip to the new store, but goes for a sort of LV-outfitted and mystical Alice in wonderland theme. And if anyone visits the store and feels bad for not getting me anything for Christmas, please get me a Damier print snowboard with matching boots and jacket and have them set it aside for me, thanks!

 And for a new luxury toy perfect for the Swiss Alps, check out the $3,000 carbon fiber Snolo Stealth-X Sled.

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