Huge High-Tech Dive Watch: Blancpain X Fathom

Summer’s arrived and so has my motivation to get outside. Starting my research for some outdoorsy activities (online, of course) got me thinking about giving diving a shot while its warmer out. Getting side tracked by new diving gear tech, I found an intense new dive watch from Swiss watchmaker Blancpain. Being a big fan luxury watches, I had to blog about it.

Blancpain's new dive watch: the X Fathoms

This is the new Blancpain X Fathoms, the latest in the long-running Fifty Fathoms dive watches. The first Fifty Fathoms dive watch was made in the early 1950s. The French version of the Navy Seals at the time, called the “Nageuers de combat”, needed a dive watch for their underwater operations. The sought out Blancpain to make it. Its reputation spread, leading to it being adopted by many other European nations. At one point, America was in need of a quality dive watch for their Navy Seals but while still under a ‘buy American only’ policy. To accomodate this, an American company called Tornek Rayville took 50 Fathom watches and rebranded them under their name, with about 1000 American-branded editions going to the US Navy Seals.

BLANCPAIN X Fathoms dive watch

The new X Fathoms marks a big leap forward in terms of their own line of dive watches, but of any competitors, giving it a jaw-dropping 984 feet/300 meters water-resistance rating. The oversized brushed titanium case measures in at 55.7mm to a stash of ultra-modern divin technology, while also providing excellent readability and high structural strength.

back vents of the Blancpain X fathoms dive watch

Functions include a mechanical depth gauge can measure the depth of your dive up to 295 feet/90 meters, shown with the yellow dial (which uses the cool vents you see on the back). The outermost blue dial shows a 50 feet/15 meter, with an accuracy within 30 centimeters. For timing decompression stops, a 5 minute retrograde counter is shown at the 10 o’clock position. Another brand new function included is a helium decompression valve, which is used for saturation diving.It’s then strapped to your wrist with the most complex injected rubber strap used for a watch,using 14 specifically shaped parts to ensure the best fit when you’re diving, without impairing any of its high-tech functions.

Now word on the pricing yet, but you can currently inquire and order the new Blancpain X Fathom from Luxury Bazaar. And check out the video below for an animated demonstration of the dial:

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