Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

Photo Credit: Gemballa

You have to be a pretty crazy person to want to modify the Ferrari Enzo, so crazy that it might just work. Our readers are definitely no strangers to the name Gemballa because of what they do to Porsches, but you may have never heard or seen this Enzo before. From the picture above you may be wondering how, what and why they decided to tinker with, what I think is the perfect supercar. With that being said, there are those that want something completely unique and this Enzo is just that.

For Porsche fans, you know that Gemballa has spent many years touching up Porsches, and now the Ferrari Enzo has been put to work. I cannot imagine the pride and excitement the engineers at Gemballa felt when they had the chance to produce only 25 ultra exclusive Enzo’s for the most affluent car owners. Getting an Enzo in your possession is ultra rare and getting one of these MIG-U1’s is like hitting the lottery 3 times in a year.

So what the hell did Gemballa manage to pull off with the MIG-U1? Oh where to begin! We can first start with the aerodynamics. Gemballa made sure that the front spoiler lip would generate 35 kilo’s of downthrust at the front axle. In addition, they also managed to get the rear spoiler to induce 85 kilos of downthurst to the rear wheels. Can you imagine what that does for handling? You honestly cannot unless you’ve driven this machine.

The looks, aka sex appeal? It’s safe to say that 99% of people on this planet will not get to see this car on the road, myself included. I know a lot of our readers will not be so into automobiles as insanely much as I am, but for those who are, enjoy.

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What’s weird about this car is that it’s treated like a celebrity in Hollywood anywhere it goes, or at least by the car paparazzi. I think that’s saying quite a lot don’t you think? From the looks alone I’d definitely be stopping to take some video and pictures, but the videos above also show just what kind of noise Gemballa was able to extract.

What’s under the hood?

The Ferrari Enzo is built for speed from the engine right down to the aerodynamics. Gemballa couldn’t resist adding a few slight modifications to extract a little more juice. They decided to go with a custom motor management system combined with a seriously badass exhaust system. The result is an astounding and exhilarating 700 HP, up from the Enzo’s 651 HP.

Gemballa didn’t stop there, either. If you’re the proud owner of the MIG-U1, then you get your car personally adjusted to your settings, not unlike Ferrari does. This is the kind of value add the most discerning clientele will desire. The suspension comes with an electro hydrologic height adjustment system for the everyday use. You definitely don’t want to be scratching the lip every time you came to a bump in the road so just push a magic little button in the passenger compartment and you’re height is raised 45mm for getting in and around those scary spots. To go back down to “ready to mop the track with any car on the road mode”, simply push the button again or hit 80 km/h and it will automatically get you in the right spot. The Gemballa forged GTR wheels will handle the rest when it comes to sticking to the streets.

Thanks to Instagram we also have these amazing pictures of this MIG-U1 in the streets of Dubai.

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