Fully Restored 1982 Porsche 911 SC

This 1982 Porsche 911 SC was a dream car for most and adorned the bedrooms walls of many children across the world…my brother included. I’m personally a big fan of the German automobile company and love seeing something other than the latest 911 that has come out or been tweaked slightly. While this 911 SC shows where the current years have grown from, it has a class and charm all on its own. It may not be the fastest but the folks at TuneRS Motorsports have completely outdone themselves and restored this piece of history.

I think it’s safe to say we’ll not see another 1982 Porsche 911 this nice for a long time to come. This project was a ground-up restoration that took 8 long months to complete which definitely shows in the pictures below. This car is definitely going to end up in the hands of a Porsche purist although we at Luxury Branded hope this car gets in a lot of mileage on the open roads, just what it was built for.

We’ll be taking a quick look at the build here and for more pictures of the entire process you can view them on their website. The current asking price for the 911 SC is $64,500 USD and if you’re interested in picking this beauty up then give Mike at TuneRS Motorsports a call at 954-345-7877 or via email mike@tunersmall.com. I should mention that this car is being sold as is and there is no warranty. Well enough about the business and onto the sexy photo series!

911 SC Exterior

The body had no accidents or previous repair history which meant they had a clean 911 to work with. Mike states that there were a few minor door dings, but nothing major. What about rust? Well as with any car and older 911’s they have rust in some areas after being exposed for all those years. This 911 SC had slight amount of rust under the front left area of the windshield and fender. The rusted panel was cut out and replaced. The rest of the car was clean from rust or corrosion. All of the panels (fenders, hood, lid, doors) were removed in order to prep the tub separately. Each panel was sanded down and had any small dings hammered out, absolutely no bondo was used on this car. The tub and panels were prepped and sent to the paint booth for a new coat of Wine Red Metallic. From research we have done, this color seems to have been only available in 1981 and 1982, and was not a common ordered color.


A Look At The Interior

Hello 80’s! I love the tan interior and I cannot believe how well kept it is after all those long years. This car was conceived in the same year as I was and while I’d like to think I’m in better shape, there’s definitely room for argument. Pretty much everything was stripped out, cleaned and replaced including new leather wrappings for the seats which gives you the new car smell. The 911’s carpet has been completely replaced as well as the headliner in the original chocolate brown color. The dashboard in the car is also the original and was just taken out and cleaned up to be all purrrdddyy like you see now.


Under The Hood

A quick look at this engine bay puts my car to shame right quick. The 911 SC engine is the original 3.0 air cooled that came with the 82 SC. The assembly was removed from the vehicle and rebuilt from the bottom end up for that new car “vroom”. Everything is brand spanking new including the piston rings, bearings, timing chains, chain rails, oil return tubes, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, intake boot, fuel injectors, belts, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor.

While this engine only put out just over 170 HP and 175 lbs of torque, it still can keep you well sorted on the track and in the twisty’s. During the restoration process, the entire undercarriage was dismantled (suspension, steering, brakes, etc). All of the suspension bushings and links were replaced with brand new components. The steering rack was inspected for any wear, but looked in great shape. The steering rack boots were replaced, and the front inner/outer tie rods were replaced with the turbo tie rods. The front strut inserts were replaced with Bilstein greens and the rear shock absorbers were replaced with Bilstein greens. The front and rear sway bar links and bushings are new. All of the mounting hardware for the suspension and steering components were also replaced.

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