Eternal Timeless Love Grandfather Clock

While we usually cover timepieces for your wrist, we’ve decided to switch it up this week and focus on this unique grandfather clock. This is a clock that is believed to be over 100 years old and for being from that time period, it is in immaculate condition. These grandfather clocks are usually kept in the family and never sold so it’s quite cool to see this unique item up on the auction block. Not very much is known about the origins of this clock and there is a little mystery behind the story.

Eternal Love, the grandfather clock is a mysterious piece. It was purchased at great expense by a newly wed woman of 24 years who was fleeing her precious, beloved Lebanon because of war. Young Claire begged her husband to buy her the clock. The shop keepers in Lissone, Italy, near Milan, at the Galleria Barocco, insisted that the clock was not for sale. They told Claire it was a piece carved by a master Italian carver through many long years, perhaps more than a decade or two. Claire would not leave the gallery without Eternal Love, the grandfather clock. Though she had no idea of her own destiny as she left for America with her young doctor husband, she was certain that this masterpiece would carry her safely to a new home and fertility of her own. And so, she sat for days in front of the clock until it was finally offered for purchase. Inscribed on the clock are the words, Amorica, Galleria Barocco, Lissone Italy. The store is no longer open and locals seem to know little about the family that sold the clock. They tell us that the clock was not made in Lissone, but perhaps in another place in the countryside. Claire knows that the sculptor’s love for the young mother and her three sons who grace the clock, was something divinely inspired. Claire is offering her masterpiece for sale. The value is priceless.

The clock stands at just over 8 feet tall and is of course hand carved and the choice of wood is walnut. While the exact date isn’t known, clock experts have put this at just over 100 years old. This clock comes signed “Galeria Del Barocco Aromica Lessone- Italy”, and is without a doubt a timeless work of art.

Ryan Clark

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  • Viraj Patel
    Posted at 23:47h, 15 September Reply

    Hi I would like to know the price for this clock and where is it?
    I am in U.K. I have purchase house and I have got the corner which we were thinking That blanc corner and I have seen this.
    It is very beautiful piece of art.

    Viraj Patel

    • Geoff
      Posted at 20:27h, 16 September Reply


      The clock auction is linked in the post and has since ended. The seller, however, has relisted the item here

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