Erwin Sattler Rotalis 30

Pro Tip – Turn on the 720 HD feature before watching
For the person who has an impeccable tourbillon collection comes the Erwin Sattler Rotalis 30. On a recent trip to Germany I had the pleasure of seeing this in action and all its glory. When you have a lot of watches that need winding, it can become a little out of control and the last thing you need is wanting to wear a particular watch that day and not having it ready. So besides winding your watches, what else do we have going on with the Rotalis 30? Well this unti covers both style with security as you’re looking at two 18 mm thick bulletproof glass panels into which a one-way mirror show’s off your collection with over 100 LED lights. To open the case you’ll need to scan your thumbprint and as you’ll see in the video, the way it opens up is stunningly beautiful…well done Erwin!

There are over 60 watch winders built into this unit and it’s managed properly by their own unique and patented technology called the Beluwo® watch winder technology. As you may or may not know, each watch will need a different setting to keep the time properly. So how does Erwin Sattler accomplish this? Quite simple really! Rotalis 30 owners can get relevant data for more than 5,000 different automatic watches is stored in their database. This means you can easily transfer it from any computer via wireless connection to the watch winder. What does it cost? For a piece of technology like this you’ll just have to ask them yourself!

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