CORCKCIRCLE Review For Your Wine Loving Pleasure

This is an interesting product for wine lovers out there in the world. I randomly came across this product while looking for a certain vintage at an online dealer. The CORCKCICLE provides an ingenious cooling mechanism that’s reusable, reliable and somewhat stylish. I asked for one this Christmas when someone asked what was on my wish list. I wasn’t quite sure what to say until I remembered seeing this earlier in the day. Sure enough, I ended up a proud owner of a brand new CORKCICLE.

I’ve been using it for a week and day or two and…ok well not every day but a couple times at Christmas and once since. I’ll admit I’ve only been using it for my white’s, but it has done the job nicely and I’m glad it’s now a part of my wine arsenal.

I’m not a huge fan of using ice buckets because it’s too easy to throw off the temperature, and it’s a hassle to clean up/refill. The CORKCICLE only takes a couple of hours in the freezer to be at the perfect spot, and the rest is a breeze. Pour out a first taste and inset the CORKCICLE and you’re on your way to the perfect glass every time.



Ryan Clark

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