BMW M Series Adds K2 Skis to its High-Performance Lineup

BMW M Series Skis by K2

BMW has teamed up with high-end Ski Maker K2 to produce a limited edition set of skis worthy of their M Series. BMW M assisted in the design of the K2 skis, which will be limied to only 500 pairs. Built for all-terrain use, with slightly lifted front tips, flat back tips and a traditional upward curve in the middle. Besides the M Series colorway, the bottom of the skis uses a tire tread design.

K2 Skis made for BMW M

This limited run isn’t for sale though for any readers hopeful of just buying up a pair. To get one, you’re going to have to prove you’re worthy. They are being given away as part of the BMW XDrive Cup, which is an BMW ski and snowboarding competition that takes place across 13 countries in Europe. To be eligible for the giveaway, you’ll have to earn 5 badges in the competition, which can be through hitting top speeds, completing a number of set runs and other achievements. For more info and to register, visit the BMW XDrive Cup website.

Limited edition BMW M K2 skis

Top view of the BMW M skis by K2


Bottom view of the BMW M skis by K2K2 skis made for the BMW XDrive Cup


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