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———————————————————————- …is upon us and I’m very excited to see what comes out of this years event.This event is a well loved display of the latest horology. It’s a place where exhibitors display the latest gear to the industry’s experts, the media and everyone else who loves fine wrist pieces. This years event covers more than 160,000 m2 with different halls spread out across multiple floors. I was lucky enough to be able to attend last years event and experienced the event’s magic first hand. It was a serious brain overload being able to see so many amazing pieces amongst a crowd of insanely interesting people. Baselworld attracts over 94,000 visitors each year with retailers and wholesalers from all over the world. The networking opportunities make it worth while even if you didn’t get to see a single watch! The event is set in Basel Switzerland, and starts on March 8th which isn’t too far away.

For the international watch and jewellery industry, the New Year will only be starting on March 8, 2012, when Baselworld, the World Watch and Jewellery Show, opens its doors to the specialist trade, as an established industry highlight. For a period of eight days, the key brands of the luxury goods sector will be presenting their innovations in Basel.

The amount of watches and jewelry that is going to be displayed is enough to keep you busy throughout the event. In this guide we’ll help you decide what to visit, how to get there and how you can make the most of your stay. If you have any tips for us and the readers here, then don’t hesitate to let us all know in the comments at the end of this post. I hope you find this resource useful and I look forward to you folks sending in your content from Baselworld 2012. You know we’ll do our best to bring you the latest news, updates and happenings from in and around the event.

What’s In Store



Travel Planning:


Staying in Basel is a treat in itself and if you’ve never been here before I highly recommend reading up on the area. I’d also be inclined to set some extra time aside from Baselworld to explore Basel and all it has to offer. I stayed an extra week after the event last year and had a blast with people I had met from the event. The party seemed to go on and on for days after the official end. Basel is one of those European cities that you’ll want to experience at least once before you kick the bucket. I’ll share with you my favorite hotels and eating hotspots and let you folks discover the rest. Luckily getting here isn’t too hard either and I’ll help you get a last minute flight to Basel if you’re just now deciding to make the trip. Luxury Hotels:   Hotel Les Trois Rois: This is my favorite hotel in Switzerland, and it’s my go to place every time I’ve visited Basel. This happens to be one of the oldest hotels in the Country, and is situated right on the Rhine. Staying here is great because it’s close to all the action of Baselworld, and due to the fact it’s a true 5 star hotel. I imagine the hotel is low on rooms at this point but this would be the first place I’d check to see if you can snap something up. Hotel Radisson Blue Basel: While I’ve never stayed here, this is where some friends always stay when we’re in town. I’ve had the pleasure of wining and dining at both the Oval Bar as well as their well known Filini Lounge & Bar. This hotel is practically in the city center and you can’t beat the location. If you’re coming with family as well then I highly recommend this place over the Les Trois Rois. The Eurel: I’ve never stayed here but my parents have and they enjoyed the ambience of this hotel as well as its location. You can read tons of reviews on TripAdvisor, and there were enough good ones to recommend it to those trying to get in to see Baselworld. Private Jets & Luxury Cars: There is always an influx of private jet rentals for Baselworld and an easy flight into Basel is easy to get….even last minute. There are a lot of luxury services in town and picking up a fun car to blast around in isn’t hard either. I’ve always stuck to getting something practical like an Audi Quattro, but it looks like you can now rent a Ferrari FF right here from Europe Luxury Car Hire. Luckily this place is so well located that you have access to all the amenities needed to enjoy living the life…the Swiss know a thing or two about that! Getting around is quite easy in Basel so a car rental is not necessarily needed although there are plenty of amazing sights to see from the road. With that being said, you’re better off renting that sports car during the warmer months so you can enjoy the Alps in all their driving glory. Europe Luxury Car Hire has airport service and it’s the main reason I’ve always used them. It’s easy and your car arrives at the airport when you do, you just can’t beat that. If you’re thinking about chartering a private jet to Basel then take a look at a couple charter brands our company regularly uses. Between these two you’ll have no problem booking a flight to Basel, and if worse comes to worse, you can always fly first class on a commercial airliner. Stratos Jets – Stratos Jets goes into Zurich which isn’t all that far from Basel. Their online booking platform is a breeze to use so finding a flight in shouldn’t be a problem. – Perhaps the most well known website for booking a private jet, and here you’ll find many jets available to Zurich. Check out the rates here before making your decision, but I hope you find the right flight.

Exhibition Hall:

———————————————————————-   There is a whole lot of area to cover for this years event so we highly recommend you sort out your plan of attack. The Baselworld website has an extensive, interactive and in depth event hall diagram that should sort you out. After traversing it you’ll see why this event spans a few days and not just a couple….there’s a lot of ground to cover.


———————————————————————- Luckily for you and I there is an app for that! Baselworld has an extremely handy mobile application that will keep you in touch, informed and not lost. There is a version for the iPhone, iPad and you can reach the Baselworld mobile website on any phone from here:


———————————————————————- Perhaps where more of the business deals go down and the extreme fun takes place us during the Baselworld “Village” events. The night life continues at Baselworld each year in their makeshift village which is comprised of a few select locations. The parties start on the 8th of March and roll all the way until the early morning of the 15th. I highly recommend you book your parties reservations. The participating restaurants this year are; Osteria Acqua Web: Tel: +4161564 66 66 E-Mail: Directions: && Baracca Zermatt Web: Tel: +41 61 564 66 99 E-mail: Directions: View Google Map Baselworld 2012 Village Location:

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