Andermatt Swiss Alps Set to be the Monaco of Switzerland.

Having the chance to tour the Swiss Alps and surrounding areas a few years back, I’ve been a big fan of Switzerland ever since. Dreaming of spending more time there, while looking for good locations to work and live abroad, I’ve discovered a growing resort area I’m dying to check out. An expansion project from Andermatt Swiss Alps is underway in the already-established resort town of Andermatt and it’s shaping up to be the Monaco of Switzerland, as both a travel destination and international investment opportunity (Either of which I’d love to take advantage of). While obviously lacking the Mediterranean, Andermatt has its own wide range of ways to enjoy the outdoors. And while more southern European travel destinations like Monaco are seasonal to the summer, Andermatt offers year-round reasons to visit, from world-class skiing in the winter to beautiful summer mountain scenery, where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. And to match this prime location, you can also find world-class services, shopping, amenities and lodgings. Town of Andermatt in the Swiss Alps Andermatt, Switzerland Being from Vancouver, Canada, I’ve spent plenty of time in the resort town of Whistler, both in the winter and summer, so I’m naturally a fan of what the Swiss Alps has to offer as a vacation spot. And the incentives Andermatt provides to foreign investors makes the location just that much more appealing as a place I’d someday like to own a vacation home. While of course I’d love a place at my local favorite Whistler, the chance to live somewhere like it, but with access to the rest of Europe would be a dream come true!   The Andermatt Swiss Alps Expansion – Sustainability and “Alpine Chic” Andermatt is found at the foot of the Gotthard massif, where the expansion is currently being set against the perfect alpine landscape. With completion of this resort project, we’ll see six new 4 and 5 star hotels, 25 luxury villas and over 40 blocks of new apartments. Looking to build an authentic “Alpine Chic” atmosphere, modern tech and design has been united with natural and traditional building materials and decorations. And with concern for the environment being a rising demand in today’s luxury market, sustainability is a central theme of this project. Energy for the resort area is provided by exclusively renewable sources to achieve a CO2-neutral energy supply. All construction and buildings follow MINERGIE standards for energy efficiency. Another unique fact is the area will also be traffic-free, with electric vehicles provided for necessary trips. Main areas including apartments and hotels are built above an underground parking infrastructure, where all vehicles are garaged. This results in a resort with minimal impact on the health of the environment, but also its guests, with some of the freshest air and cleanest water in the world. The Chedi Hotel in the Andermatt Swiss Alps, Switzerland Interior of the Chedi Hotel in the Andermatt, Switzerland Apartment development in Andermatt, Switzerland apartments in the Swiss Alps winter   Andermatt as a Luxury Resort Destination Andermatt represents a growing scene for year-round luxury recreation, which is set to match world-famous mountain resort towns such as Whistler near Vancouver, Aspen in Colorado and Switzerland’s own St. Moritz. Here you’ll have access to amazing skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. In the summer, thanks to the diverse landscape, you’ll find golf, biking, hiking, climbing, horse riding, fishing and much more. And to satisfy you year round, there will be a full featured indoor activity center. To match the world-class scenery and activities, you can expect world-class venues to dine, relax and enjoy the local culture, from restaurants, spas, museums, open-air theaters, festivals and other events. Luxury spa at the Andermatt Swiss Alps Resort Skiing on the Andermatt Swiss Alps   Andermatt as Luxury Vacation Home Investment For anyone looking to invest in a vacation property, the Swiss government has provided some incentives to jump-start the new Andermatt expansion. First the area has been made a rare exemption of the Lex Koller Law, which means there is no restrictions or limits on foreign investment, in both buying and selling real estate. Secondly, Andermatt is found in the Canton of Uri, where they already have minimal and recently reduced tax liabilities. With the luxury resort features and investment and tax incentives, you can see why it could be considered the Monaco of Switzerland. So expect this combo of an ultra-modern, eco-friendly resort town, naturally fitted into a pristine mountain location to start popping up on the radar of anyone looking for a luxury vacation or to invest in a vacation home. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous press shots and renderings shown here until the project is finalized. When it is, we’ll be sure to share more info and live pictures from the Andermatt Swiss Alps Project with you. For more info, investment opportunities or digital brochures, visit: Andermatt apartment Duplex in Andermatt, Switzerland

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