A600 Talon From RotorWay

Personal helicopters are becoming more and more affordable and accessible and making that happen in a big way has always been RotorWay. The larger cities with a lot of business happening (NYC, Miami, Vancouver etc) and with traffic at all time disgusting highs, some people prefer the quick and effective air option….I know I do. Not only that, the A600 is a perfect toy for the enthusiast who loves flying for pleasure.

The A600 Talon has undergone a complete redesign in which it incorporates many customer initiated requests. The A600 features the latest in advanced electronics, engineering, and convenience items. The comfortable cockpit is fully made from glass and it uses the MGL Avionics system. The max load is 535 pounds which also includes a 100 pound luggage compartment for traveling. The economy cruise is an efficient 90 mph and fast long distance cruise has already been demonstrated at 100 plus as you cruise with the doors off….awesome! RotorWay made the landing gear a whole 10 inches wider, 10 inches longer, and 7” higher than the Talon’s predecessor (Exec 162).

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