8-Bit Art For The Affluent Geek

I’m a huge nerd, I can admit that. I have several pieces of 8-Bit art and for some reason I’m just drawn to it. Out of all the art I have on my walls, my 8-Bit pieces are the only ones that create a buzz amongst my guests. That could also be explained that most people my age don’t know and or appreciate say a Monet, but that’s just because times are a changing. Etsy is great for custom 8-Bit art and this is where most of my hunting was done for this post. Other than that, I’d love to hear about other artists you know of or link up some favorites in our comments below.

Mario Bros Wall Art

This piece is currently half off at $1000 USD on Etsy right now!

Pacman Ghost Table

These coffee tables are standard height and can be made in custom colors to match your home space. Each table is $555 USD and you can also find this on Etsy.

8-Bit Mega Man Sculpture

This is my favorite classic character and I think I’ll be snagging this up for my theater room wall to inspire my gaming efforts. This can be yours though for only $250 USD.

8-bit Bruce Lee

This 8-Bit Bruce Lee was created by artist Jeff Roth and while it’s not for sale, it’s mega cool!

ich bin 8 bit” exhibit in Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin

This is a gallery exhibit I wish I could have seen and this is just a taste of what was shown at the Ich Bin 8 Bit in Berlin.

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