$64.5 Million Dollar Hong Kong Home

When I first glanced at the pictures for 3 Plunkett’s Road I thought the entire building was up for sale, but I was wrong. The picture you see below is of 6 detached homes each running about 7,000 sq ft and each cost $64,458,740 USD! This has definitely been the most expensive home for sale I’ve seen in a while so I thought it would make for a great post.

These homes are located at The Peak The Peak which is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and has symbolized power and wealth since the 19th century. The area is formally known as Victoria Peak, and it staggers above the heart of the city with a spectacular, 360-degree views of all of the surrounding islands. Needless to say your rooftop lounging areas are nothing short of breath taking…I just LOVE that soaker tub.

I hate to be negative but I imagine a huge portion of the properties cost is attributed to the area. When it comes to living in Hong Kong, you know space is limited and the extra room up on The Peak is a very welcomed asset to your living requirements. Finding a quiet relaxing area with some actual green space. Just check out the what is most likely a million dollars worth of a shared pool and mini park.

Moving on to the interior you’ll find a very minimal look. You’d think for $64 million it would be a lot more in your face, but that’s not the case with the homes at 3 Plunkett’s Road. In fact, the builders had deliberately incorporated elegance, privacy and security with sophistication into these homes. I don’t mind that and it does seem to have a good amount of gold incorporated into the design.

The only other place in the world I’m used to this kind of price for so little is back home in Vancouver BC. While this place is not my taste, I’d love to know what you all think of it. Let me know in the comments below if you think this place is worth it, or is the cost just outrageous? If you’re in the market to potentially buy this gem then give the folks at Sotheby’s a ring.

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