Guinness Business Centre: Vancouver’s 5-Star Workplace

First impressions are extremely important, and for a high-end business, that fact of life is even more true. When you first welcome clients into your office, you want them to immediately recognize the signs of success, professionalism, and integrity in both the design and furnishing of your workplace. Now imagine you’re setting up shop in Vancouver – one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious cities – and you’ve got some especially high standards to meet! Enter Guinness Business Centre, a high-end professional environment that leases workspace and offers countless associated amenities, all located conveniently in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s financial district.

Guinness Business Centre's Reception Area

The core premise behind Guinness Business Centre is simple: create a work environment that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is dynamic and functional. The execution, however, is anything but “simple,” as the creators of this fine space have built something truly unique and exceptional. Interior design received the utmost attention from the moment Guinness first opened in 1997, as is evident from the flawless décor and authentic luxury furnishings which grace not only the centre’s common areas, but each individual office as well. From the fully-stocked kitchens to the designated “quiet relaxation room” (complete with a comfy massage chair), it’s clear that this a workplace far ahead of the competition. Perhaps the most useful feature of having one’s office in an environment like this is that it’s so easy to expand the size of your office as your company itself grows; just lease new spaces, from personal offices to attention-commanding boardrooms, and adjust your layout as desired.

One of Many Boardrooms at Guinness Business Centre

Anybody who’s ever worked in a large office environment knows that the success or failure of a workspace isn’t just in its layout, however; the tertiary services are every bit as important for both the morale of the workforce and for the smooth functioning of office business. With that in mind, Guinness Business Centre offers its residents plenty of added services, including clerical assistance such as word processing, database management, and bookkeeping, as well as more luxurious options like valet services, personal shopping, and international couriers.

Luxury Décor at Guinness Business Centre

For further information, you can visit Guinness Business Centre online at or email them at

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