3 Awesome Toys Currently On JamesList.com

I visit, browse and spend sometimes hours daily viewing the goods on JamesList.com and thought if I had to pick three toys to buy if I had endless funds, what would they be? The classified site for the affluent has an endless amount of amazing luxury goodies to view and dream over. I took their most popular section of the site and picked three items that I’d go for over anything else and this is what I came out with.

2012 Lamborgini LP 700-4

Perhaps the most bad-ass car ever made in my humble opinion and you don’t see these for sale if at all, so this would have been a sweet buy. This car is of course located in Dubai and there is no price associated with it and for good reason, you don’t need to ask if you want this car. The LP 700’s have been going for well over half a million dollars US just to give you an idea of what you’re in for.

Marchi Mobile eleMMent

You most likely have never heard of Marchi Mobile, especially if you’re not into mobile homes. I even have a hard time calling this just a mobile home as it’s more of a mobile luxury condo unit. This company has been quickly making a name for itself in the luxury world and for good reason. This machine is called the eleMMent and has all the bells and whistles of a luxury property minus a pool. My favorite bit about this condo on wheels is the “rooftop patio” which is big enough to throw a party with. You could buy a home or three with the price of this $2.6 Million mobile home but we’re talking toys here, so lets camp in style.

Porsche Design RFF135 Yacht

This is my favorite of them all and actually turns me on a little….no joke. I’m glad this was listed as it has always been my choice of Superyachts! The RFF 135 is arranged over four decks: upper deck, mid deck, main deck and lower hull deck. It boasts over-the-top luxury spectacles with a helipad, sunken pool on the deck and a rear mounted Jacuzzi. Conceived as a spacecraft on the water, this 41.2 meter yacht is particularly extraordinary in every detail. The interior is styled in a highly modern way and captures the dynamic contours of the hull. And the megayacht will have enough space to accommodate 10 guests and 10 crew members, with four guest suites and one presidential suite! This Yacht has a price tag of $44,000,000 USD!

Ryan Clark

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