The 2013 Antigua Superyacht Challenge

I just came across this excellent video on the 2013 Antigua Superyacht Challenge and hadn’t heard about it until now. It happened just a couple months ago in January and thanks to the good people over at put together a great video showcasing the highlights and challenges faced by the competitors.

The Antigua Superyacht Challenge has a limited entry of 12-15 competitors and this year the yachts Adela, Leopard, Marama, P2, Panthalassa, Sojana, Timoneer, Unfurled and Visione all competed for the glory. The event runs January 25th-27th and is accompanied by a lot of good times onshore at the Admiral’s Inn in English Harbour. I think I should also note that this event is not sponsored and makes sure to keep the focus on the love of sailing and the thrill of the race.

For more race info:

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