2009 Arlen Ness Crazy Horse


I’m a car guy but when I saw this 2009 Arlen Ness motorcycle it definitely caught my eye. This is called the Crazy Horse and it has won the title of “World’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle” at the Grand National Roadster Show. This wild item is currently up for sale and it is of course a one of a kind bike that will most likely be put on display on the new owners home. You’d think that it had never been ridin before, but that would not be true!

The bike’s current wner Mike Avila rode it all the way to the Sturgis, SD Rally from Northern Cali before it was painted to prove its road worthiness. The Crazy Horse comes equipped with air ride suspension, a diamond-cut 124 cubic-inch motor and the ever so reliable Baker 6-speed transmission. On this bike, not one weld, seam or fastener is visible anywhere on the bike. This is hand built art at its finest!

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