2000 Mercedes CLK GTR Supersport On The Market

It’s not very often you see a Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class CLK GTR hit the auction block so I was quite pleased to come across this Ebay listing(or from the dealership). I’ve seen one of these in action once during an event at the Nurburgring, and I never thought I’d see one of these CLK GTR’s up for sale. This sweet machine is number 17 of 25 made in the entire world, and is in pristine condition. There are fewer than 1500 Miles on this Mercedes CLK and has features like the Monocoque carbon fibre with integrated steel roll bars, leather steering wheel with airbag, passenger airbag, air-conditioning, audio system and adjustable pedals.

To test the CLK GTR before the first chassis were built, Mercedes-AMG actually took an unusual measure. Through secrecy, Mercedes-AMG was able to purchase a disused McLaren F1 GTR, the defending BPR GT series champion, from Larbre Compétition. This purchase first allowed Mercedes-AMG to see the kind of lap times that their competitors could run, to serve as a measurement of the CLK GTRs abilities. However, more importantly, Mercedes-AMG set about modifying this F1 GTR by attaching bodywork that was meant to go on the CLK GTRs. This allowed Mercedes-AMG to be able to perfect the aerodynamics of the car before it had even been built.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_CLK_GTR#CLK_GTR

What I love about this CLK is the looks followed by the sound it makes. The engine responsible is the Mercedes-Benz M120 V12, and it’s parked right behind the cockpit. I can only imagine what more than 600 HP sounds like at full throttle, so hopefully the new owner makes one for us. I don’t think you’ll see another one of these on the market any time soon, so I wish the buyer save travels and please enjoy this car to its fullest.

View The Listing: http://bit.ly/ADKQMM

Mercedes CLK GTR Video


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