$150k Poker Chips Made With Meteorite

The Meteorite Poker Set by Stahl is the finest set of chips you can get your hands on. This is a product that has been covered many times before but after a poker game the other night I wanted to see what luxury items in this market existed. These $150,000 poker chips are obviously blinged out, but the major ingredient here is of course a bit of meteorite.

The Stahl Poker Set comes with 120 gaming chips which are all individually numbered and hallmarked. Each poker chip contains a calibrated circular slice of Muonionalusta meteorite exhibiting the unique “Widmanstätten” pattern“. The outer frame of the chip is made of 18K white gold with a high palladium content. Together, the chipset is set with a total of 5,160 gemstones and diamonds calibrated with a tolerance of +- 0.025 mm! The chips come with a total of approximately 205 carats of diamonds, and around 50 carats of rubies and sapphires.

Ryan Clark

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