$15 Mil Whistler Luxury Home x 6805 Crabapple Dr


Luxury Living In Whistler

I’ll be flying to British Columbia in a few weeks to stay in Whistler for a week full of skiing, shopping and relaxing. A good friend is getting married and we’re going to celebrate at her favorite ski resort. I’ve been there a few times in the past few years and always dreamt of having a place there. One of the girls going is an agent for Sotheby’s Canada and tip’d me off to this property currently on the market.

While a $15 million dollar price tag isn’t close to the most expensive property we’ve featured here, it certainly is unique. Whistler’s real estate market started to dip pretty hard back in 2009, so there are few amazing deals to be found here at the moment. There were 539 transactions in 2011 with the bulk of the buyers coming from Vancouver.

6805 Crabapple Dr is the ultimate example of luxury living in Whistler. I won’t get a chance to see this property in real life sadly, so the pictures and video are the best you’re going to get from me. This is a very private estate that has just about every feature you’d expect to find in a place like this. From the waterfall in the entrance right down to the private pond in the backyard. If I were going to get a ski chalet anywhere in the world, I think this is would be my first round draft pick.

This 6 bedroom, 4800 sq ft home is surrounding by five acres of dense parkland and is still only a few minutes drive from the base of Whistler or Blackcomb. This is a home you create memories in, and it has room for more than just the family. There is a matching guesthouse and suite for entertaining even more! If you’re interested in this home you can view the property listing at Sotheby’s Canada. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to find a list of agents you can contact about this

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