10 luxury Leica Camera Limited Editions

Leica was started in Germany in 1913 and has steadily grown as both a high-end and luxury camera brand.  Their quality, but pricey cameras over the last couple decades have grown a niche market for limited edition and cross-branded cameras that no other camera manufacturer has pulled off. So here are 10 of the most balling limited editions they’ve released over the years:

M9-P Hermes Limited Edition

Two versions of this Hermes limited edition M9-P sets have been revealed, with 300 Edition Hermes sets, priced at  a large $25,000 and 100 very special Edition Hermes – Serie Limitee Jean Louis Dumas doubling the price to $50,000. The legendary Parisian fashion house had draped this Leica in supple calfskin and matching strap, with a silver chrome finish.The the Edition Hermes comes with a Leica Summilux lens. The Jean Louis Dumas version includes a set of three different lenses, with all finished with anodized silver.  This set comes with a matching bag, collectors book and box.

Leica Hermes Limited Edition Camera


M9 Audi Titanium Limited Edition

Leica partnered up with fellow German brand Audi for this supercar of a camera. They enlisted Audi designer Walter de’Silva to work over their 18-megapixel M9. The result was a M9 made of elements used to build Audi’s, starting with ultra-light, ultra-strong titanium for the body. It comes with a full shoulder holster with Nappa leather straps and an Alcantara micro-suede case, a reminder of the luxury interior trim found in Audi’s. The Summilux lens is also encased with titanium. Another performance upgrade is a new LED illumination for the viewfinder, reducing the amount of light required. It also comes with a collector’s coffee table book, sharing the design and making of this exclusive camera. To own one of only 500 made, you’ll have to cough up enough for a low-end Audi with its $30,000 price tag.

Leica Audi Titanium Limited Edition Camera


M9 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition
Specialty retailer Neiman Marcus is known for their luxury products and exclusive editions, making a perfect match for Leica. It’ll cost you $17,500 for one of 50 sets, but it includes more than just the beautiful camera you see. First it’s dressed in brown ostrich leather, including a matching ostrich leather strap. Like many, it is finished in classic silver chrome, with a matching Summicron lens. One notable luxury feature is the use of almost scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass for the 2.5 inch LCD display, most commonly used for luxury watches. It also comes with the full suite of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. And as usual for Neiman Marcus, they have gone the extra mile: the set will be delivered by an actual Leica photography expert, which includes a private training and orientation session. It even includes a 3-year warranty, certificate of authenticity and a personal letter from Leica CEO Alfred Schopf.

Leica Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Camera


MP Golden Camera Limited Edition

This opulent Leica was released in 2010 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Only 60 sets were made, numbered from year 1949 to 2009. The camera shines with a coating of 24-karat gold, which includes the gold Leica Summilux lens. It is marked with a Tiananmen Square pattern and Mao Zedong’s saying “Long Live The People’s Republic of China”. It is wrapped in imperial red calfskin leather. It comes in a wooden box with a matching plaque. It sold only in China for $30,000.

Leica China 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Camera
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